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College of Human Ecology
Human Ecology
Human Ecology
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Consumer & Child Studies Food and Nutrition Fashion Design & Textiles
The Departments of Consumer and Child Studies, Food and Nutrition, and Clothing and Textiles were combined into the Division of Human Ecology in 1998. The College has improved the variety and quality of choices available to students. Students can specialize in any of the three main fields of the college and expand upon personal aptitudes through widened exchanges with other departments.
Educational Purpose
The aim of the courses offered in the College of Human Ecology is to improve the quality of life in a highly industrialized, modern society. To reach this goal, all faculty members and students commit themselves to research activities concerning the basic aspects of human life, such as food, clothing, and consumer information, leading to an comprehensive understanding of social rights. Various attractive job opportunities are available to graduates, ranging from designer, nutritionist, to consumer and child consultant.
Educational Goals
"Producing professionals dedicated to improving the quality of life"
The “well-being” trend has become firmly established as the primary motivating factor in improving quality of life in 21st century. The College of Human Ecology, whose primary aim has always been to improve quality of life, has proactively entered this knowledge and information based era with cooperative research projects designed to develop industry, enhance professional education programs, and provide service to our community. As a result, more Inha Human Ecology graduates are making inroads into related social and industrial enterprises. About 3000 Inha Human Ecology graduates are currently working in a variety of fields that are improving the quality of life for everyone. In addition, more than 700 students are currently studying the Inha Human Ecology curriculum.
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