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  Name Kyung Jin Min  
Department Biological Sciences
Phone 032-860-8193
Appointment 2008 .09 .01
Academic Position Associate Professor
Major Biology of Aging
Education  1995.02 Korea University(Bachelor's Degree)/Biology
 1997.08 Korea University(Master's Degree)/Biology
 2003.12 University of Texas at Austin(Doctor's Degree)/동물과학과
Professional Activities  2004.01~2008.04 Research and Review in Biosciences/Editorial Board Memb
 2004.02~2007.08 Brown University, Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology/Postdoctoc
 2007.08~2008.04 University of Alaska Anchorage, Dept of Biological Sciences/Assistant Professor
Neuroendocrine regulation of migration and reproduction in the grasshopper, Melanogaster sanguinipes, 2003.
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Books and Book Chapters
Current status of biogerontology research in Korea, Aging in Korea, Federation of Korean Gerontological Societies, 2013.
BioIn 스페셜 전문가 레포트, 생명공학정책연구센터, 2012.
D-카이로-이노시톨 또는 피니톨을 유효성분으로 포함하는 항스트레스 조성물(Anti-Stress Composition Comprising D-chiro-inositol or Pinitol As Active Ingredient), 2014
곤충집단배양상자 (Population chamber for small insects), 2011
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