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International Center
Introduction to
the Center
Notice International Exchange Exchange Students Summer School
Welcome to International Center!
The International Center deals with cooperative activities between Inha University and foreign universities & institutes, creates partnerships, exchanges students & faculty members and develops international curricula with overseas partner universities. In addition, the International Center offers administrative support to international students and faculty members so that they can smoothly adapt to life in Korea.
The International Center is largely divided into two sections: International Relations Team and International Students Service Team. The International Relations Team is responsible for international cooperation with foreign universities whereas the International Students Service Team is in charge of supporting international students in general.
As a one stop service center, the International Center is providing all kinds of assistance in the areas of immigration & visa affairs, insurance, housing, and academic affairs etc.  All staffs at the International Center are genuinely committed to delivering top quality services to teachers and students.
Main Affairs 
1. Administrative support for creating international exchange agreements with overseas universities
2. Administrative support for the exchange of students and faculty members
3. Administrative support for Inha University's international activities
4. Support information for domestic and worldwide scholarships
5. Administrative support for international students and faculty
6. Update the University English and Chinese homepage
Staff of International Center
Prof. CHOI Keeyoung Post : Dean of International Affairs, Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Tel : 032-860-8001
Email :
Management of International Affairs
Prof. SOHN Min Post : Vice-dean of Interntional Affairs, Professor of Nursing
Tel : 032-860-8212
Email :
Management of International Affairs
Mr. KIM Hae-Jong Post : Manager of International Student Service Team
Tel : 032-860-7035
Email :
Supervision of International Student Services
Ms. EUN Ji Young Post : Manager of International Affairs Team
Tel : 032-860-7030
Email :
Supervision of International Affairs
Mr. CHOI Chungho Post : Section Head, International Affairs Team
Tel : 032-860-7034
Email :
Exchange Program (Japanese/Asian Region), Selection of Outgoing Exchange Students
Ms. KIM Sujin Post : International Officier, International Affairs Team
Tel : 032-860-7033
Email :
Exchange Program (America/Australian Region), Global MBA, Short-term Language & Culture Program
Ms. KANG Jayoung (Chloe) Post : International Officier, International Affairs Team
Tel : 032-860-7032
Email :
Exchange Program (China & Taiwan Region) Selection of Incoming Exchange Students, INHA Summer School
Ms. LEE Jungmin (Mindy) Post : International Officier, International Affairs Team
Tel : 032-860-7031
Email :
Exchange Program (European/Russia Region), Exchange Professor Program
Ms. LEE Sunghee (Stella) Post : International Officier, International Student Service Team
Tel : 032-860-7038
Email :
Management of I.S.L. (International Student Lounge), Insurance and Culture Events for international students
Mr. HWANG, Seongmin (Sam) Post : International Officier, International Student Service Team
Tel : 032-860-8004
Email :
GKS Scholarship Program and International Student Support
Ms. KIM Hyesoo Post : International Officier, International Student Service Team
Tel : 032-860-7036
Email :
Visa and Invitation
INHA UNIVERSITY, 100  Inharo, Nam-gu Incheon 402-751, Korea.  Tel : +82-32-860-7030~8  Fax : +82-32-867-7222