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2013 Spring Full-time Faculty Positions

2013 Spring Full-time Faculty Positions

1. Fields of Specialty
College Division Major Fields of Specialty
College of Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Bio-mechanical convergence Engineering
Nano-Systems Engineering Advanced fiber Engineering Functional Organic Materials
College of Information Technology and Engineering Information and Communication Engineering Information and Communication Engineering Multimedia Processing and Application system
College of Economics & International Trade International Trade and Regional Studies International Trade International Economics
College of Business Administration Business Administration Business Production and Operations Management
College of Humanities Humanities Culture and Contents Culture Studies (based on Culture and Contents)
International Language and Literature Chinese Language and Literature Chinese Culture (Chinese Media Culture)
Graduate School of Logistics Logistics Supply Chain Management
Environmental Logistics (including Safety, Security and Reverse Logistics)
Arts & Sports Fine Art Media Art

2. General Information
  1. Scheduled date of appointment: march 1, 2012
  2. Please refer to Inha University policies and guidelines concerning employment for the applying
  3. A Ph. D. is required for all academic fields(Except for some fields).
  4. Applicants must be legally eligible for employment according to private university regulations in
  5. Applicants must be able to teach at least one course each semester in English. For applicants
    in law, there is no obligation to teach in English.
  6. Special research funds are provided if employed.
  7. Conference call or video interview may be possible for international applicants.

3. Qualifications
  1. For Bio-mechanical Convergence Engineering, the candidate should graduate
     department(undergraduate) related to mechanical engineering and be able to give
     undergraduate lectures in mechanical engineering.
  2. For Functional Organic Materials, a Ph. D. in Synthesis of Polymeric Nanomaterials is required.
  3. For Production and Operations Management, the candidate should be able to teach one or more
     of the following subjects: operations strategy, supply management, or project management.
  4. For Chinese Culture (Chinese Media Culture), the applicants should be able to give lectures
     in Chinese.
  5. For Supply Chain Management, advantage to the candidate who can deliver sourcing,
     purchasing and warehousing management related lectures.
  6. For Media Art
         Major; Media Art(Preferably wanted for digital expert focused on Fine Art concept.)
         Education; MFA or higher degree
         Career; More than 5 years teaching experiences, or equivalent achievement on related major.
         Portfolio; 1. A3 size for printed materials.
                       2. CD rom for digital materials.
                       3. Printed catalogues published within 3 years for; One person show,
                           group shows and, or other specially organized shows.
4. Online Application
  1.Applicants can access the online application form from 10:00 AM (Seoul), Monday,
     September 3, 2012 until 5:00 PM, Wednesday, September 12, 2012.
  2. How to apply online:

Faculty Positions

Internet Application

  3. Forms to be completed:
    · Application form
    · Comprehensive list of research achievements published within the past three years
      (September 2009 - September 2012)
    · Personal statement
  4. Applicants must apply during the specified time and dates.
5. First Submission of Documents
   1. Submission Period: 10:00 AM (Seoul), Wednesday, September 19, 2012 through 5:00 PM,
      Friday, September 21, 2012.
   2. Submission Desk: Office of Faculty Hiring, Inha University (1-202)
   3. All materials must be submitted in person after completing the online application form.
   4. Documents to be submitted
    · Two representative research achievements from the comprehensive list
      ▷ List of representative research achievements (See attachment)
          - Two representative research achievements should be selected from the comprehensive list
            compiled as part of online application.

★ A doctoral dissertation is acceptable as a representative research achievement, but it should have been published within the past three years.
★ An article in a journal may be selected as a representative research achievement
   only if the applicant is the first or corresponding author.


     ▷Six copies each of representative research achievements
          - Copies must include all contents from the cover page to the last page. The author's name
            and affiliation should be deleted or erased. (Make copies after deleting or erasing them.)

★ Documents written in a language other than Korean or English must be translated
   into Korean or English and signed by the applicant.


    · A copy of all of the research achievements
      ▷ One copy each of all of the research achievements on the comprehensive list compiled as
          part of online application
          - Journal articles: cover, abstract, pages with the name of the journal, publication date,
            volume number, author's name, and page numbers
          - Books: cover, table of contents, preface, a portion of the text (first 3-5 pages), pages with
             publication date, (chapter) author's name, a proof of revision
          - Patents : copies of any patents received (Patent applications will not be considered.)

★ All publications should be submitted in the same order as the list entered as part of
   online application.

    · Copies of undergraduate and graduate diplomas along with the original
      - A translation should be attached if the original is not in Korean or English.
      - A translation should be attached if the original is not in Korean or English.
    · Proof of previous employment for each item listed on the resume
      - Only for Media Art
    · Letter of Consent (See attachment)

○ Important Reminder
  ·  Two representative research achievements (publications) are required. Applications will not be
    accepted without them.
  ·  A doctoral dissertation published within the past three years can be included in the list of
    publications. However, a dissertation is not acceptable as a separate research achievement
    if any part of it has been published in a different form such as a journal article.
  ·  The publication date of all of the materials to be submitted should be between September 2009
    - September 2012. Books and articles in press will not be considered.
  ·  Only the publications listed at the time of online application will be reviewed.

6. Second Submission of Documents
  1. Results of the first phase of the selection process and the schedule for the second phase will  
    be announced via email and on the Inha University homepage.
  2. The following documents must be submitted for the second phase of the selection process:
    · A statement of research and teaching goals and plans, including possible courses that the
     applicant can teach and suggestions for new courses
     See attachment
    · Proof of previous employment for each item listed on the resume
      - Applicants who already submitted at the 1st phase don't have submit again.
    · A minimum of two letters of recommendation, including one from an advising professor

7. Schedule
  1. Result of the 1st phase : Oct 15(Mon), 2012
  2. 2nd submission of documents : Oct 18(Thu) - 19(Fri), 2012
  3. 2nd phase(open lecture & interview) : Oct 22(Mon) - Oct 26(Fri), 2012
    - The details will be informed in 2nd submission of documents.
  4. Result of the 2nd phase : Nov 7(Wed), 2012
  5. 3nd phase(final interview) : Nov 19(Mon) - Nov 23(Fri), 2012
    * The above schedule is subject to change.

8. Additional Information
  - Inha University holds the right to cancel faculty appointments resulting from false information
    or forged documents.
  - Any data entered during the online application process can be revised throughout the
    application period.
  - Applicants cannot apply for more than one position. Multiple applications by the same applicant
    will invalidate all of his or her applications.
  - Application will be rejected unless all of the documents are submitted during the specified
  - Applicants will be informed of the results of each stage of the review process individually via
    email and the Inha University homepage.
  - If qualified applicants are not determined, the position may be left vacant.
  - Submitted documents will NOT be returned to applicants.

○ Contact Information
   - Postal Address: Division of Academic Affairs
                             Inha University 
                             100 Inha-ro, Nam-Gu
                             Incheon, 402-751, KOREA
   - Phone: 032-860-7053
   - E-mail:

INHA UNIVERSITY, 100  Inharo, Nam-gu Incheon 22212, Korea.  Tel : +82-32-860-7030~8  Fax : +82-32-867-7222